Connection Groups

Sundays at 11:20am | Wednesdays at 7:00pm

Loving God. Loving People.

At Parkway, we strive to be intentional with our spiritual growth process. One of the main ways we believe you will best connect with others in the church and grow together spiritually is through our Connection Groups. You choose whether Sunday's or Wednesday's will work best for you and your schedule. The groups are topic based with the topics changing several times per year. Connection Groups will help us to be purposeful with developing leaders, equipping individuals, and building the unity of a church body taking growth steps together.


K4-6th: Diane McCallister & Audra Kosensky | 304

7TH-12TH Grade: Stephen Edwards & Jason Halbesma | Teen Room

20-35: Peter Grant | Kids Auditorium

30-45: Jay Lewis | 309

40-55: Jeff Shuler | 305

Bible Doctrines: David Lasly | Auditorium

Ladies: Daurice Grant | Conference Room


August 23 - December 13

AWANA | Ages 3-12 | Room 303A

Focused on providing Bible-based evangelism and discipleship solutions for children and parents,

AWANA gives kids the opportunity to know, love, and serve Jesus.

Crosswalk | Middle Schoolers | Room 303B

Crosswalk is an engaging and supportive middle school ministry where young minds explore their faith together. Through interactive discussions and fun activities, students navigate the intersections of life and spirituality in a welcoming and inclusive environment

Upper Room | High Schoolers | Teen Room

The Upper Room is geared to provide a dynamic environment as we strive to change the culture to

be more Christlike, train student leaders, and develop disciples one step at a time.

September 13th Launch Date

Live No Lies: Recognize and Resist the Three Enemies that Sabotage Your Peace | Peter Grant | September 13 - December 13

Take an in-depth look to unlock and understand the tools every believer has received for triumphing over temptation and rejoicing in God's plan for your sanctification.

The Early Church: Lessons from the Book of Acts | Scott Boyd | September 13 - December 13

Through careful study of the early Christian community’s challenges, growth, and practices, this study highlights valuable lessons for today's believers seeking to understand the foundations of the Christian faith and its relevance in the present day.